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Modern day MacGyver, looking to submit his CV to a proverbial Phoenix Foundation.

A little about me..

I watched a lot of “MacGyver” as a kid (and “Burn Notice” as an adult) and appreciate the resourcefulness the characters from those shows display. They are sort of like modern-day Renaissance Men; jacks of all trades who used whatever they had to solve their immediate problems.

DaVinci was the epitome of a Renaissance Man. Skilled in numerous disciplines, he is a semi-role model in many ways for me. Even as a child, I was always fascinated with the stories of how he hid “secret messages” inside many paintings. Researchers have studied his works of art for years and a number of theories have emerged over the decades and centuries.

These were like “actual” superheros to me; people who possesed talents in numerous areas that were complimentary to each other. A very, very simple example would be someone who can play the piano & sing at the same time. Both talents on their own are impressive, but the “talent” to combine the two others is, to me, the next level. Again, just the mere fact you may be good at singing and good at playing the piano is NO guarantee you’d be able to sit down at the keys & simultaneously belt out your favorite vocal piece while tickling the ivories.

So, I figured the closest way I could become an actual superhero was to do what those guys did–just learn as much as I could. However, that won’t stop me from befriending a potential mad scientist who owns a non-OHSA compliant warehouse (prime for DNA-changing accidents) or wandering around spider-infested nuclear accident sites… If I can get that super-hero-shortcut, sweet.. otherwise, I just keep hitting the brain-gym.


Remember that scene from “The Matrix” where Neo learns Kung Fu as the data is piped straight into his brain? 
While I don’t have that (yet…), I do have a pretty high reading comprehension and the ability to glean new info by making connections and correlations.


That’s what the phrase should have been (my opinion).  Keeping an open mind, being willing to be wrong, and attaining as many experiences and nuggets of knowledge as one possibly can.  Focusing on positive, present, possibilities to aid in achieving your dreams.


Everyone has a different approach, but I tend to disect problems a bit differently than most.  My methodology tends to be unorthodox, but produces results.


The breakfast of champions (who can consume high carb diets).  Pancakes are the choice fuel for some of the nerdiest names on the internet.


The Last Supper

Leonardo DaVinci is well known for hiding things inside his works of art, and “The Last Supper” is no different.  Among the potential things embedded into this masterpiece is an ancient Hymn that may have been referenced at the end of the Last Supper stories, sung before Jesus went out to the Mount of Olives.


Hiding in plain sight, numerous objects in the painting seem to be placeholders for musical notes.


I leaned toward Gregorian Chant being the area I should focus, but when I found out DaVinci literally invented a Piano…


Could these different sets of musical pieces comprise a sacred Hymn with “magical properties”?


Even the sketches in DaVinci’s notebook seem to show him working out the best way to encode.


The Last Supper

Because the painting is about Communion and Giovanni Pala’s original theory revolved around the idea that the bread & hands were related to that, I had studied it for some time and determined that a number of other objects may also be placeholders for notes…


Pala said he was originally drawn to those two items because bread would represent the body of Christ, and the hands were used to bless it.


Going further with the idea that if it’s “used” in communion, then it is involved as a placeholder.  Since the bread is served on the plates, it’s included.


I’m surprised this one hasn’t been found earlier.  Much like how the bread lines up,the wine glasses do just as well.


Before the meal, Jesus prepares the disciples by washing their feet.  This is important & the reason I originally looked at the feet

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