Luke Slytalker & The Force

#NerdWork, Research, Bad Advice for Dating

A Marvelously Mediocre One-Man-Band

Some music I’ve written, produced, recorded, mixed, and performed. I play all the instruments; everything from guitar and bass to vocals and drums (which are sometimes just a cleverly compressed and EQ’ed cardboard box).

Jedi Joe

Vocals, Guitar, Bass, and a cardboard box for my Kick & Snare.

Pity Party Pep Talk

Vocals, Guitar, Bass, and even some bardboard boxes for drums.

Join My Cult?Sure!

Produced by me (Guitars, Bass, etc.)
Vocals: Luke Slytalker ft. Keentoh (2nd verse)

Stained, Glass House

Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drum, etc.


More of a pop-punk/alternative vibe.
Vocals, Guitars, Bass, etc.


Vocals, Guitar, Bass

Rosetta Stone

A live, acoustic version of a song I wrote well over a decade ago.